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Oren's Daily Roast has been New York's premier coffee roaster since 1986, providing our customers with the finest specialty coffees.

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Bringing back the world's finest coffees, ethically produced.

Supplying you with the very best quality coffee has always been our goal. The best quality costs us much more than ordinary coffee or even other “specialty” coffees. We have found that the system in place virtually worldwide puts the farmer at an extreme disadvantage as far as getting paid what his coffee is truly worth. This hurts because if the farmers don’t get paid enough for great coffee, they can’t put in what is required to produce it again the next year, or even to afford the basic necessities of life.

It is out of these concerns that the Oren’s at Origin program was created. Rather than simply affixing the “Fair Trade” label to our coffees and relying upon other organizations to do our work for us and trusting that they will bring results, we buy many of our coffee beans directly from coffee growers to ensure a fair exchange. We have met and formed personal relationships with many of the farmers from whom we purchase coffee. Since the beginning of 2005, we have traveled Central and South America and Africa many times searching for truly great coffees and the farmers who grow them. We followed through to be certain that farmers we purchased from last year were properly paid. This year we instituted innovative new methods that assure proper payment to the farmers. Our focus in these efforts is on financial transparency created and strengthened by personal relationships with farmers.

We are proud of the work that we have done so far and we are looking forward to doing more. Through this program we always pay a fair price for the coffee plus a significant premium for quality. Making certain that high quality is rewarded creates sustainability in our special relationships with farmers. This is the essence of The Oren’s at Origin program. We can tell you personally that this makes drinking a cup of our coffee even more satisfying.

We encourage you to join us and participate in the realization of this important and urgent mission by choosing to add to your order.

Click here to donate directly to the IRC without making a purchase.

In 2006 Oren's Daily Roast and the IRC embarked on a project to rebuild the Hirna Secondary School in Ethiopia. The support from customers through direct donation to the project, book donations that were resold with proceeds going to the project, or through the donations from purchases of Ethiopian Yrgacheffe coffee a portion of which went into this project helped to provide the over 4,000 students, most of whom are children of coffee farming families, a new and functional school.

Prior to renovation, the school had 21 student classrooms. Of these, 8 were structurally unsound and could not be used. Each of the remaining classrooms (about 20 by 30 feet) housed classes of over 100 students crammed 5 or 6 to a desk in three shifts a day in order to accommodate as many of the children who wished an education as possible. The overworked teachers must teach multiple subjects. The library was small and inadequate in both size and scope. The school had only one outdoor latrine facility for the students and even this was unusable and the students were forced to use the scrub area behind the school.

With the total rehabilitation of the school, these students can get an improved education and, by so doing, increasing the number of those students who can qualify for university. This will have a direct impact on the social and economic development of the students and for this area, which we have found produces some of the finest Harrar Coffee anywhere.

The new library, latrine, staff room, and water point were officially turned over to the Hirna Secondary School Administration on December 12, 2008. We continue fundraise and look forward to our next project with the IRC to improve the lives of people living in coffee growing regions around the globe.

By helping coffee farmers produce a better crop and ensuring that they are rewarded for their hard work, Oren’s provides the best cup of coffee in more than just taste.