Sourcing the Best--Improving Our Decaf:

Since the beginning, Oren’s has been one of the few coffee roasters to offer more than one decaf process, and indeed one of the few to actually identify more specifically than “decaf”.

For many years, the conventional wisdom was that the Swiss Water Process coffees better preserved the coffee aromas, but the Euro (or MC) decaf coffees tasted better. The Swiss Water Process has come a long way since we opened, and in addition to improving their proprietary decaffeination system, they are also starting out with better quality green beans. Meanwhile sourcing quality Euro decaf from our preferred processing center in Bremen has become more difficult.

We now feel confident that our SWP decafs are a better decaf, not just because they don’t use “chemicals”. Our philosophy has always been to find, roast, and sell only the best coffees, and that includes our decaf varieties. Reducing the number of decafs we have to keep in stock will help keep the decaf coffees much fresher, since we will be able to roast each decaf more often.

To help ease this transition, we have reduced the prices for our Swiss Water coffees. Our costs for the beans remain the same, but we want to pass on some of the expected savings from efficiencies.


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