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After Oren graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and a stint working retail at Saks¬¬ where he met his wife and partner Nancy, he developed, built and launched Oren’s Daily Roast Coffee and Tea opening his first store on First Avenue and 82nd Street February 12, 1986.

In order to differentiate from the other then existing coffee stores and roasters in and around New York City Oren took an innovative approach to coffee. On site roasting; small batches; fresh; proper roast color; highest quality green bean selection; straight unblended single origin varietals; proper brewing in store; quality brewing equipment and accessories; and respect for the entire specialty coffee supply chain beginning with the farmer and moving through many hands before arriving at the roaster. Oren helped lay the foundation for what many in the specialty coffee industry do today. Now Oren continues to uphold the same strict standards, but with the benefit of over two decades of learning and experience.

Oren is an early member of the Specialty Coffee Association of America and a member of their Training Committee, the Roaster’s Guild, a speaker at conventions of both the SCAA and the National Coffee Association. He has appeared on the Today Show, Public Television, and had coffee critiqued on ABC’s 20/20. He was in the Wall Street Journal and Fox News Online. Oren has been on radio many times including Rambling with Gambling; Air America, NPR, and others.

Years of cupping experience seeking the finest coffees afforded Oren the opportunity to become a judge on an international panel of cuppers finding the best coffees at the Cup of Excellence in Central and South America, and the Golden Cup in Ethiopia.

Oren Bloostein was the winner of the first ever “Roaster's Choice Award” by the Roaster’s Guild of America.

Oren always pays a premium to the farmer for quality—but in some areas that just did not seem like enough. After his first trip to Ethiopia Oren joined with the International Rescue Committee to provide 3 new water wells where previously there were none for a community of over 4,000 people. The following year, again in Ethiopia, a dilapidated high school was given much needed renovations, including a library, teacher resource room, and sanitation facilities were added.