Sumatra coffee is grown near the Indian Ocean; Ours is low in acidity and takes on the earthiness of its surroundings. Incredibly smooth. Sumatra is the world’s most full-bodied coffee.

The Aged Sumatra is coffee that is stored green at origin for at least three years. This causes the Sumatra (which is already low in acidity) to provide a mellow, syrupy cup. This particular Aged Sumatra has been aged for 6 years by our regular supplier.

This coffee is by far the smoothest most mellow and sweet of any aged coffee I have ever cupped. If you have ever liked an aged coffee you will love this one and if you never tried an aged coffee this is the one to try. When visiting Sumatra this year we saw this coffee set aside at our exporter’s warehouse and immediately asked for a sample to take home and cup. Once we did, we immediately arranged to purchase a supply. I cannot say enough about this coffee–sensational, outstanding. Try it!”

Aged Sumarta: Sweet, Smooth, Mellow – Aged 6 years. $17.99 per pound.

Available in Oren’s retails locations & online.