We’re well into iced coffee season, and you’ll find that some of our freshly roasted coffees are more preferable as iced coffee. Oren has 3 great recommendations for iced coffee:

Guatemala Antigua (Finca San Rafael Urias) is a fine coffee to drink iced especially if one loves the bright citrusy tang of a great Bourbon varietal. I would recommend this as a black coffee, no cream, no sugar and just enjoy the sweetness of the coffee itself. (This summer we’re serving this Guatemala Antigua as iced coffee in all our retail locations.)

Sumatra Mandheling is the most full bodied coffee in the world! I like to call it the ‘Guinness Stout’ of coffee. This is the perfect coffee for milk and/or sweetener because it really stands up to the milk with low acidity and big flavor and huge body. I can almost visualize the Sumatra carrying the milk on it shoulders–that’s how ‘big’ this coffee is.

Oren’s Special Blend is our perennially popular house blend and also makes a fine iced beverage using the Sumatra as support for body, the Colombia regular roast for sweetness and aroma, and the French roasted Colombia for that caramel flavor and big sweet aftertaste. Yum!