The World Cup begins in just a few days. This year’s games will be played in the exotic and beautiful country of Brazil. While you’re cheering and rooting for your favorite country, you have two different chances to enjoy delicious Brazilian coffee.

First is our roasted to the peak of flavor Brazil Cerrado from Daterra Estate. This coffee brings you its sweet floral fragrance, along with a slightly sweet and spicy taste. This coffee is naturally low in acidity but still has nice complexity in the cup. It’s a fine choice for any time of day.

For those with a “darker” palate there is our perfectly roasted Italian Roast. Made from a different, yet equally pristine Brazilian bean, this darkest of our dark roasts is oily and aromatic as can be without a fear of it being burnt. The Brazilian Daterra is evenly mixed with the sweet and full Guatemala Antigua (another fan favorite) and is great either for espresso or for an unforgettable dark bittersweet cup of coffee.

The Cup is just a few days away, order TODAY!