Introducing Guatemala Antigua Finca Capetillo

120829origin Introducing Guatemala Antigua Finca CapetilloOREN’S DAILY ROAST INTRODUCES:
Guatemala Antigua Finca Capetillo
An Oren’s at Origin Selection


120829antigua Introducing Guatemala Antigua Finca Capetillo

We’re proud to be able to bring you another great coffee from Finca Capetillo in Antigua. This coffee is a great example of what Antigua coffee should be, in a year when farms have been hard hit by unpredictable weather. This year we also paid extra to have the green coffee packaged in special bags to make sure the last roast is as good as the first. This year’s lot has a full, sweet, almost marzipan fragrance.This coffee is from an award winning farm and we have worked with the farmer for the last 7 years, carefully scrutinizing, assessing, cupping, and occasionally purchasing this very fine coffee.

Cupping Notes: slightly spicy, medium body, smooth sweet finish.

$ 16.99 / LB.

120829capetillo1 Introducing Guatemala Antigua Finca Capetillo120829capetillo2 Introducing Guatemala Antigua Finca Capetillo

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Brew Ice Coffee at Home!

icechemex Brew Ice Coffee at Home!Going away for the 4th? You don’t need to give up your iced coffee! It’s easy to brew at home using the same method we use in our stores.

You can brew fresh, delicious iced coffee in almost any drip coffeemaker! My personal favorite is the Chemex, but you can use Melitta, Hario, and even auto-drip machines (as long as it doesn’t have a warmer plate).

Brewing iced coffee this way produces a delicate and complex cup with powerful aromatics, and is best served without milk or sugar. Even if you prefer to add milk or sugar, you should taste it black first, you might not need to add as much as you would in hot coffee.

You can adjust the following recipe to the size you want, just remember the ratio: for every 1 level scoop (or 2 tablespoons) of coffee, add 3oz of ice and 3oz of hot water.

1. Measure your coffee. In this example I’m using 4 level scoops.

2. Add about 12 ounces of ice to the bottom of your Chemex (or carafe). My ice cubes seem larger than most, but I found that generally cubes are just under 1oz of water so I used 12 cubes. Some experimenting may be required here, but an easy way to be exact is to measure the water before filling the ice cube tray.

3. Grind the coffee the same as you would normally for your brewing method.

4. Put the coffee in the filter and pour just enough hot water to wet the grinds and allow them to bloom (195-205 degrees, as always). After 30-45 seconds, continue to pour the rest of the 12oz of water in a circular motion around the center of the filter.

5. By the time the coffee has finished dripping, the ice cubes should be almost completely melted. Serve immediately.

steps2 Brew Ice Coffee at Home!
That’s it! Fresh, tasty, easy iced coffee.

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Oren’s In the News

Oren Bloostein, founder of Oren’s Daily Roast, was featured in the recent article, The Perfect Cup For An Imperfect Morning. Oren explains how to actually brew that perfect cup of coffee:

I have had many people come in and ask for the finest possible grind in order to get the most extraction–which it will do. The problem is that usually people brew it in a method that ends up over-extracting the nasty bitter oils in coffee and get thinner more bitter brew instead of the full flavor from the correct grind for the brewing method. You want to balance the grind to the contact time–shorter is finer, longer is coarser–to get the perfect 18-19% extraction.”

Oren has more than 26 years in the Specialty Coffee business and is known for quality. Oren’s Daily Roast was also featured the Time Out NY article, Where to Buy The Best Coffee Beans.

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NYT Blogger Oliver Strand converts to our way of thinking

Ristretto | I Know What You Did Last Summer

The New York Times’ resident coffee expert recently posted his thoughts on cold-brew versus Japanese-style iced coffee. After dabbling with the cold brew trend last season, he’s come around to see things our way.

“To my surprise, I came away a convert — the ice brew was bright, lively, crisp, nuanced. To put it simply, it’s what I want to drink.”

Last month I wrote about why we brew iced coffee the way we do.

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A Rare Coffee Experience

A Rare Coffee Experience
An Oren’s at Origin Exclusive Selection

120604sampler A Rare Coffee ExperienceJust in time for Father’s Day, Oren’s is pleased to introduce our new Rare Coffee Sampler!

Treat yourself to coffee at the luxury level with this new sampler that features 4 half-pound bags of our rare coffees: 2 half-pound bags of Jamaica Blue Mountain and 2 half-pound bags of Kona Estate Jeni K:

120604jbm A Rare Coffee ExperienceOur Jamaica Blue Mountain comes from RSW Estate. The ideal combination of high altitude, abundant rainfall and hot climate makes Jamaica home to one of the world’s finest and most perfectly balanced coffees. Our Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is balanced, with an ever so slightly tart acidity, good depth of flavor, long smooth clean finish, medium body, fresh, mildly sweet; an outstanding example of an outstanding coffee.
Cupping Notes: Balanced, slightly tart acidity, good flavor depth, long smooth clean finish, medium body, mildly sweet.

120604kona A Rare Coffee ExperienceKona is like no other coffee and the ‘Jeni K’ varietal is the ultimate! The farmer, Tom Greenwell (of Greenwell Farms), has been developing his own coffee hybrid to be perfectly suited to Kona’s volcanic soil and to maximize flavor. He named the resulting varietal after his wife Jeni. This coffee is exclusive to Oren’s Daily Roast – we have every bag of this coffee that left the farm.
Cupping Notes: Smooth, sweet, aromatic, full-bodied, delicate, & complex.

$ 99.99 / LB.
Reg: $ 106.95 / LB.

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Introducing Kona Estate Jeni K

120518origin Introducing Kona Estate Jeni K

Kona Estate Jeni K
An Oren’s at Origin Exclusive Selection

120518coffee Introducing Kona Estate Jeni KKona is like no other coffee and this one is the ultimate!

We haven’t found a Kona coffee good enough to meet our standards for over six months. But I’m happy to be able to introduce an exceptional Kona that’s smooth, sweet, aromatic, full-bodied, delicate, and complex.

This coffee is exclusive to Oren’s Daily Roast – we have every bag of this coffee that left the farm. The farmer, Tom Greenwell (of Greenwell Farm), has been developing his own coffee hybrid to be perfectly suited to Kona’s volcanic soil and to maximize flavor. He named the resulting varietal after his wife Jenny.

This particular lot of was grown at the highest altitude plot of Greenwell Farm. It comes at a time when Kona is dealing with serious problems with their coffee crops and they have given this coffee extra care and attention. So we’re fortunate to be the only coffee roaster in the world to have this fantastic coffee. Enjoy!

$ 49.99 / LB.

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We care about coffee, not trends.

Recently, Joe Coffee’s owner was quoted saying that cold brew coffee is no longer a trend, it’s now a requirement. We disagree. Cold brewing destroys the subtle and complex flavors that make coffee so wonderful.

Let’s start with the temperature of the water. Brewed coffee is made of oils from the roasted coffee that have been dissolved and (usually) passed through a filter. In order to get all those tasty molecules to dissolve you need hot water (195-205 degrees Fahrenheit). Cold water can’t extract all those flavors.

Partly because of the extraction problem, cold brews can take up to 24 hours. That means old coffee. The long soak time means the coffee oxidizes and the sugars that would normally make your hot coffee bright and sweet become dull and malted.

Lastly, cold brewing requires more than double the beans to get the same amount of brewed coffee. Old, under-extracted, and wasteful coffee is not a trend we want to be part of.

We brew our iced coffee using what’s sometimes called the Japanese method. We brew double strength coffee directly over ice: 1 gallon’s worth of beans + 1/2 gallon hot water + 1/2 gallon ice = 1 gallon ready to serve iced coffee. Brewing directly over ice minimizes the “shock” effect that can sometimes make chilled coffee taste metallic. Chilling hot coffee also takes several hours, and can taste stale as a result.

Our method is better than cold brew and chilling for a few reasons. 1) We use hot water, so we get a proper extraction and preserve the sweetness. 2) The concentrate brews directly onto ice, so it’s ready to serve in 5 minutes. We only brew what we need and keep the iced coffee as fresh as the hot coffee. 3) It tastes better!


Currently we’re using our Colombia Tolima for iced coffee in our stores. You can use this method to brew iced coffee easily at home too. We prefer using a Chemex, but any pourover method will work.

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Oren’s Coffee & Free Chocolate

Who knew that drinking coffee & eating chocolate could help in weight loss?! Studies have shown that coffee reduces the risk of many diseases and ailments including helping to fight depression. Both coffee and chocolate have antioxidants that can help prevent diseases. Now studies show that they can aid in weight loss. Google the health benefits of coffee to view various studies & articles on this subject.

120402koppers1 Orens Coffee & Free ChocolateOren’s has the best of both worlds: Kopper’s Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans.
For a limited time only: Receive a free box of these chocolate covered espresso beans (a $4.95 value) when you order 3 lbs of coffee or more. Enter this promo code at checkout: koppers
This online exclusive offer ends Sunday April 8, 2012.

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Oren’s Storewide Tea Sale

Save on ALL our Specialty Teas from now through Sunday April 1, 2012.

120324 teabags Orens Storewide Tea SaleStock up and save on all varieties of Mighty Leaf boxed tea sachets, and Republic of Tea tins:
$1 off ALL Mighty Leaf full-leaf sachets.
$1 off ALL Republic of Tea tins.

120324 tealoose Orens Storewide Tea SaleGet 15% off ALL Oren’s exclusive full-leaf specialty loose teas. Our selection includes the highest quality black, green, white, and herbal teas.

Plus, get free shipping on any online order that includes $50 in tea purchases. Use this promo-code at checkout: orentea

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Coffee is an Essential Benefit Too

The Wall Street Journal, in a humorous opinion piece entitled Coffee is an Essential Benefit Too noted, “Studies show that coffee can ward off depression, Alzheimer’s disease, type 2 diabetes and sleepiness—which makes it one of the most powerful preventive treatments. Workers who drink java are also more productive and pleasant. While many offices have coffee makers, some employers… continue to deny workers this essential benefit. All employers should have to provide workers with freshly brewed coffee. Oh, and workers must also be able to choose the kind of coffee regardless of the price.”

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