Disadvantages of One Cup Coffee Brewing Systems – bad coffee!

Bravo Oliver Strand for highlighting one of the little mentioned drawbacks to single serve pod brewing –  the exceptionally high cost — in his article: With Coffee, the Price of Individualism Can Be High. Let me mention another – lousy coffee! They use too little coffee per serving giving a tasteless, thin, and bitter product. The brewing process does not permit correct contact time for proper extraction also causing a weak brew.

I have also found that for most of these products you must brew 2 capsules or pods to get even a mediocre serving larger than 4 or 5 ounces, making the convenience and time factor somewhat moot, and again there is the high cost. I can’t imagine a coffee drinker actually enjoying any of these products unless the suggestion of coffee is enough and then drowned in milk and sugar.

A fresh pound of excellent coffee at $15 dollars a pound, will cost 66 cents for a 12 ounce serving for great coffee while the single serve pod brewers will cost more — up to double the price — for a brew that can barely even be called coffee. People are starting to realize that the quality, cost and convenience of these systems are disappointing.

- Oren

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CoffeeCON 2012

120221cclogo CoffeeCON 2012Oren Bloostein will be a featured speaker at CoffeeCON 2012 on Saturday, February 25, 2012.

CoffeeCON is the world’s biggest consumer coffee conference. It’s a national gathering of coffee consumers, bloggers, press, and others, along with the leading experts in the specialty coffee industry – who will be teaching on tasting and brewing exceptional coffee.

For more info about CoffeeCON, please visit their website, coffee-con.com

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Don’t Worry: Drink Coffee.

Here’s a great article about some more of the health benefits of coffee that we wanted to shared with all our readers:


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Customer Feedback on the Bonavita Coffee Maker

We’ve been asking our customers who purchased the Bonavita Coffee Makers to offer some feedback about the machines. The reviews have been consistently good, and we’d like to share this email from our customers Carrie & David.
(This is a real review, written by real customers, who have not been paid to write it.)

coffee complete sm Customer Feedback on the Bonavita Coffee MakerDavid: We absolutely love the Bonavita! We were skeptical when we opened the box, as it seemed like such a simple contraption; Doesn’t a good coffee maker need to be complicated? The proof is in the coffee, and the Bonavita has consistently turned out a great tasting brew for us. Brews quickly, evenly, perfectly every time. Also, the warmer is the best one I’ve seen – it keeps the coffee super hot! Thanks for giving us the perfect way to enjoy Oren’s up in Boston!

carrie1 Customer Feedback on the Bonavita Coffee MakerCarrie: The coffeemaker itself is beautiful on our counter – love the sleek/slightly retro look. The 8 cup carafe just feels good in your hands – I pour nice and slow to get the full effect. Yes, I savor even tiny moments like this – I’m at home all day with a 4 year old. icon smile Customer Feedback on the Bonavita Coffee Maker

- Carrie & David. Boston, MA

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On Kona Coffee – by Oren Bloostein

original kona greenwell On Kona Coffee   by Oren Bloostein

Kona Coffee Cherries (Image from Greenwell Farms)

I have been inundated with requests by customers for Kona coffee this season.  Normally we would be able to get at least some coffee from the Kona farming  area around Thanksgiving, sometimes flying in a few bags in advance of the ship/train/truck lot coming later.  That supposes that the coffee that is available meets my very strict cupping standards for genuine 100% Kona coffee.  It is normal for me to get several rounds of Kona samples before I find one good enough for my customers.  The situation in Kona this year however  is far from normal.

Since early in 2011 I have been reading about the infestation of the Coffee Berry Borer (CBB), or what most of us know as broca, hitting Kona hard.  This pest is devastating to coffee both in quantity and quality.  I have been told that this year the harvest in Kona will be down by 70%!  And of course what is available is unlikely to be the quality of years past.  I am still hopeful I will find at least a small amount of Kona good enough for us to purchase, roast, and sell, but I don’t know when that may be.

Another problem in Kona is that the state of Hawaii department of agriculture cut back the number of people it employs (down to only one) to certify and grade the Kona coffee, causing huge delays in shipping even the limited amount of coffee available. Our supplier in Kona has shipped out only 3% of what he expected to have shipped by this date.  While unfortunate for Kona drinkers it is tragic for the Kona farmers depending on income that is reduced and very much delayed.

I will be visiting Kona to search for some good coffee and will report back on the situation after I return.

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All in One Coffee Makers – by Oren Bloostein

120117oren All in One Coffee Makers   by Oren BloosteinA number of people have asked me why we do not sell an all-in-one grinder/brewer. I have to say that I find the concept terrific; a single unit that one puts water and fresh whole bean coffee into, push the button (or set the timer) and voila – - coffee! I love the idea of grinding just seconds prior to brewing (that is what I do at home) but not in one of these machines. Currently the application of this idea has not reached the quality level any of us would like in order to fully enjoy great coffee.

There are several problems: The worst, in my opinion, is the poor quality grinders on these machines, allowing particle sizes from microscopic to marble – this produces a brew that is both more bitter and under-strength (yes, it is possible for both to happen simultaneously). Also, a good grinder will, in most cases, outlast a good brewer. If that were the case here one would be throwing out a perfectly good grinder at the end of the brewer’s life span. So much for one step grinding and brewing! (So far…)

But one trick I have used to keep things simpler for myself early in the morning is to pre-measure exactly the amount of beans I will need for brewing – and put just that into the hopper of my grinder. Then all I need do is turn on the grinder, grind that entire amount of beans, and I can then just dump the whole thing into the filter – no more measuring, no left over grinds.

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On Electric Drip Coffee Brewers – by Oren.

bonavita glass On Electric Drip Coffee Brewers   by Oren.I have always held that the standard for brewing a pot of coffee in an electric drip should be a ten cup pot (50 oz) brewed at 200 degrees F +/- 5 in about 6 minutes (requiring a heating element of at least 1400 watts) based on coffee education I received in the mid 80′s.  I have found 3 brewers in my years in coffee that achieve this seemingly simple feat:  the Chemex electric brewer (no longer in production), the Bosch model New York (no longer in production), and the Technivorm line of exceptional brewers.

We carried the Bosch, and currently carry the Technivorm.  But there is a new machine to add to this very exclusive list–the Bonavita.  After some extensive testing I found the brewing unit of the Bonavita to be virtually identical to the Technivorm in almost every respect.   I found the dispersion and extraction identical to the Technivorm.  I have times and temps and assorted other measurements but the short story is that the Bonavita brewer is as good as what has been considered the gold standard of automatic drip brewing.  A very nice feature is the Bonavita is also less than half the price of the Dutch made brewer.

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Happy New Years from Oren’s Daily Roast

Thank you for all of your support during the last year. I hope you have enjoyed the coffee as much as I have enjoyed finding it and roasting it for you. This year we purchased over 70% of our coffee through our Origin program, so we can guarantee farmers are paid a fair price plus premiums for quality. I cannot emphasize enough how different this is from the vast majority of coffee purchased each year by others. This coming year I hope to bring you even more coffees through the program.

It has also been a relatively quiet year for us project-wise, so we have done the majority of our philanthropic work here in NYC, donating to dozens of city schools, public and private, as well as the Special Olympics (a longtime recipient of our contributions). We hope to gear up for something new in 2012.

Thank you again. I truly appreciate your being a part of our extended coffee family and I wish you and your friends and family all the best in the coming new year.

- Oren

111231bottomimage Happy New Years from Orens Daily Roast

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Oren’s Daily Roast – HOLIDAY GIFT IDEAS

2011 nygift Orens Daily Roast   HOLIDAY GIFT IDEAS
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The Holiday Coffee Sampler & The Oren’s Coffee Club

111209logo The Holiday Coffee Sampler & The Oren’s Coffee Club
Oren’s Daily Roast Presents:
The Holiday Coffee Sampler
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The Oren’s 2011 Coffee Sampler – $36.95


Guatemala Antigua, Nicaragua La Ampliación,
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The Dark Roast Sampler
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The Oren’s Coffee Club for 3, 6, and 12 months
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111209voyager The Holiday Coffee Sampler & The Oren’s Coffee Club

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