Oren's Special Blend

Our house blend was created almost 27 years ago in response to the requests from my customers. In those days, in order to keep as little roasted coffee inventory as possible so we could keep it fresh, I had no blends on display. Every jar contained a single origin coffee. If a customer asked for something that was a blend, I made it for them on the spot - and they could see exactly what I put in and in what proportion. I had no secret blends, then or now.

The most popular blend people asked for was Mocha Java and French Roast. People were shocked to learn that this was a blend of 3 coffees—never realizing that Mocha Java is itself a blend. Since those coffees were more expensive than others, I would also recommend a blend of Colombia (for sweetness, as the Mocha), Sumatra (for body, as the Java), and French Roast Colombia (as, well, the French Roast, for a syrupy caramel finish). This became a popular coffee for me. A blend that is one third dark roast is usually called a Scandinavian Blend. But since I had already used the name Beowulf for our espresso (a story for another time), I made this our house blend and dubbed it Oren’s Special Blend. Our most popular coffee of all time—and with good reason. Sweetly complex with huge sweet aroma from the Colombia, full bodied as only Sumatra can make, and our French Roasted Colombia for the bitter-sweet caramel finish—never burned.

Now, as then, made from the exact same straight varietal coffees you will find on our shelves. No neutral or ‘blender’ coffees, no secret recipes. Our customers deserve to know what they are paying for.

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