Single Origin Coffees : Brazil Cerrado Daterra Estate
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This is a fantastic Rain Forest Alliance Certified coffee from the Daterra Estate. The farm works to preserve the native flora on the estate. This coffee has hints of sweet fruit in the fragrance and the aroma of fresh baked bread. An exceptional coffee from Brazil's sunny highlands. A medium-bodied coffee that is slightly spicy with a sweetness to its fragrance. Mild acidity.

This farm is the dream of Luis Paschoal who started this farm the same year we opened for business. One of the things that helps make this coffee so special is the same thing that helped us—we started with no preconceptions about the business. He started his farm from scratch and instead of using old methods he found the best way to do everything, not the old way. As a result his farm has become a technical model for coffee farms. The estate meets ISO 14001, the international standard for minimizing the impact on the environment. They have multiple plots of different varietal coffees, each producing a unique coffee profile.
As amazing as this farm is, it took many years for me to find their cup quality acceptable for our customers. Now their coffee is consistently outstanding, and in order to help protect it they ship it in vacuum packed mylar bags inside cardboard boxes so that it’s kept at its original quality, undamaged by moisture, air and light.
We use another more full-bodied Brazil varietal from this same farm for our Italian Roast. This one, that we use as our single-origin Brazil is a delicate bourbon varietal—sweet, subtle, with almost a hyacinth finish.

Cupping Notes
big, round, smooth, medium to long finish.

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