Non-Featured Manual Drip Brewers : Bodum Chambord 12cup
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The French Press is also known as the press pot or coffee plunger. The device is simple, cost effective and delivers a rich, flavorful, full bodied, cup every time. It takes very little counter space and is easy to clean. The French Press is unique in its brewing method because it does not use a paper filter and thus all the rich oils of the coffee are not filtered out. To use the French Press: Simply pour your coarsely ground coffee grinds into the glass carafe. Then pour in hot (not boiling) water over the bed of coffee. Add the filter assembly and let the coffee steep for 3-4 minutes. Once the steeping is complete slowly plunge down the filter, pour and enjoy.

Oren recommends that you use 6oz. of water per 2 level tablespoons of grinds or 1 approved coffee measure.

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