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Single Origin Coffees : La Minita™ Costa Rica
Product # 333

Price: $ 19.99 /lb.


We have a very small amount of a special sun-dried la Minita. Due to its large size, most of the coffee la Minita produces is dried mechanically. Doing so provides more consistency and isn’t reliant on cooperative weather patterns. However, sun-dried coffee is still sought for its comparative sweetness, and longevity before roasting.

The estate has a relatively small patio, and only a select number of lots are prepared as traditional sun-dried coffee. This coffee is one of them.

Like you would expect from la Minita, this coffee is bright and full bodied, with a sweet, lasting finish. The longer, less aggressive sun drying process also yields additional complexity to this classic cup.

Cupping Notes
Full bodied, sweet, long finish; bright.

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