Single Origin Coffees : La Minita™ Costa Rica
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Price: $ 19.99 /lb.


La Minita™ is the name given to the highest grade coffee grown on this specific plantation. We’ve been buying this coffee since it first came on the market in 1988. I was all but interviewed by the farm owner Bill McAlpin to see if I was worthy to roast and sell his La Minita coffee. When we first met, McAlpin was driving around a truck full of coffee visiting small roaster retailers like us to see if they were qualified to sell his coffee. He had been developing this coffee for the ten years prior into one of the absolute finest coffees in the world in terms of cup quality, preparation, consistency, that all stemmed from a care for the land and the people. The La Minita farm is a model for best practices in the industry. Workers are well paid and cared for. Medical and dental is provided on the farm as well as schooling. Pickers are paid a premium to pick only the ripe cherries. They have their own mill on the farm, where the coffee is meticulously prepared and hand sorted. They control every aspect of the coffee from planting to export—even importing into the U.S.

The coffee is beautifully balanced and has a full aroma. It is full bodied with a round sweet finish.

Cupping Notes
Full bodied, sweet, long finish; bright.

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