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The Blue Willow design is a classic design based, that visually retells an old Chinese folk legend.

While there are a couple versions of the legend, the story basically consists of a nobleman who has betrothed his daugher to a nobleman-warrior. He secures his daughter in a garden to prevent her from having contact with anyone else in the outside world. She however, falls in love with a man who is her father's secretary, and they communicate with each other by passing messages through the birds. On the night of her wedding, while everyone is drunk, she and her true love run away to an island. The father tries in vain to find them for several years. When he finally does, he has them killed. They are then transformed into a pair of eternal lovebirds.

The Blue Willow pattern consists of a classic Chinese landscape, and includes a weeping willow tree, Chinese bungalows, streams, and a pair of kissing lovebirds. The design is a deep blue on a white background.
10oz Mug is Dishwasher and Microwave safe.

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