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Natural process coffee doesn’t refer to the healthfulness of the coffee, it refers to the traditional way the coffee fruit was removed from the beans before modern equipment and where fresh water is a more limited resource. Most of our coffees have the fruit removed in what is called the washed process, which uses water and mechanized depulpers to clean the fruit from the beans on the day of harvest. The natural process is a much more time consuming and labor intensive process. The coffee cherries are set on raised beds to dry in the sun—much like a raisin—and have to be carefully turned and monitored for weeks for even drying. Once fully dry, the fruit is removed by dry hullers or sometimes even large mortars and pestles. It requires a stable dry season since an unexpected rainfall would ruin the drying coffee.

This Sidamo comes from our trusted importer Samuel of Keffa Coffee, who has spent many years working with mills and farmers in Ethiopia to improve the quality of this, his signature natural process coffee. When well-tended the coffee can take on dramatic fruit and spice notes—like a fruit and nut dark chocolate bar.

Cupping Notes
Huge fruity aroma, strawberry, grape.

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