Coffee Sampler Gifts : African Coffee Sampler
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Take a flight through African coffee flavors with our new sampler, four half-pounds of our favorites:

Ethiopia Kochere
From a region of Yirgacheffe known for impressive flavors, this coffee has a sweet and citrusy aroma, an apricot-limeade taste, and a hint of fresh hops.

Ethiopia Harrar
This natural-process coffee brings out the flavors of the coffee cherry. Look for huge flavors of blueberry and cherry.

Burundi Rugabo
A National Winner in the Cup of Excellence competition and rated highly by Oren, this coffee is bursting with citrus and stonefruit.

Kenya Lenana AB
Known for its winey acidity and citrusy aroma, this coffee is a classic example of the sweet, big-bodied, complex flavors of Kenyan coffees.

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