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"An all-around caffeine winner, top notch coffee; its solid blends make for a wonderful cup."
- Zagat 2012/13,
with an outstanding 24 rating.

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Coffee Sampler Gifts : Dark Roast Coffee Sampler
Product # 525

Price: $ 32.70


Explore our selection of dark roasted coffees with four half pounds, consisting of our Beowulf Blend, French Roast, Italian Roast and Viennese Roast

  • The Beowulf Blend is Oren's espresso blend - a perfect end to a meal. It brews an incredibly long-flavored espresso that's exceptionally full-bodied. If you've invested in a high-end espresso machine, this blend will make you glad you spent every penny. It contains:
    1/2 French Roasted Kenya
    & 1/2 Viennese Roast Colombia specialty grade coffee

  • French Roast is a specialty grade Colombian Coffee with an intense dark flavor. Hints of bittersweet, while possessing the traditional full-bodied and pungent taste.

  • Italian is our darkest roast. Unlike many Italian Roasts, Oren's is not over-roasted (which deadens the flavor). Our Italian roast is still a medium to full-bodied brew with all the subtle flavors enhanced. It is made up of a blend of 1/2 Brazil and 1/2 Guatemala Antigua.

  • Among the traditional Dark Roasts, the Viennese Roast is the lightest on the spectrum of darks, offering up an incredible smoothness. The taste is clean and sweet, with caramel notes.Currently our Viennese Roast is made with Guatemala Antigua & Colombia Specialty Grade coffee.

  • Comes packed in decorative shipper box or kraft-box with Oren's logo.

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