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Espresso & Dark Roast Coffees : Italian Roast
Product # 56

Price: $ 17.99 /lb.


The Italian Roast is our darkest roast. But unlike many Italian Roasts, Oren's is not over-roasted (which deadens the flavor). Our Italian roast is still a medium to full-bodied brew with all the subtle flavors enhanced.

After cupping dozens of Brazilian coffees, I chose the one that we use solely for our Italian Roast Espresso Blend because of its complex character, dry sweetness and big crema. For its mate, we use our Specialty Grade Colombian because of its fruity character. These coffees are roasted together - I then roast them up slowly so that I can meld the character of each component into our darkest espresso blend.

1/2 Brazil Daterra, 1/2 Colombian.

Cupping Notes
Medium to full-bodied; bittersweet.

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