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Single Origin Coffees : Ethiopia Longberry Harrar
Product # 8

Price: $ 18.99 /lb.


It has been too long since we have found a really good Ethiopia Harrar to share with you, so we are especially excited to be able to offer this new arrival coffee. Our regular source for Ethiopian coffees worked closely with his suppliers in Harrar to dramatically improve the sorting and overall quality of this year’s harvest. The farmers’ hard work and close attention to detail resulted in a stellar natural process coffee.

The natural process, or dry process, leaves the fruit on the bean and dries the whole cherry in the sun for 2-3 weeks. This method requires constant attention to allow for even drying, and the dried fruit is removed by a hulling machine or sometimes by hand in large mortars and pestles. The process does not require any water, and the resulting coffees are full of rich berry and stone fruit flavors.

Look for ripe berry aromas, full-bodied flavor with stone fruit and a slightly spicy finish.

Cupping Notes
Ripe berry aromas, full-bodied, stone fruit

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