Single Origin Coffees : Burundi Maozi
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This is a great coffee grown from 100% Bourbon heirloom varietal. As a result, the coffee has sweet red fruit, juicy sweetness, delicate full body, and a nice long clean finish. It is high grown in the mountains of Burundi at 1,760 meters above sea level (5,720 feet—high for most coffee but perfect for Bourbon).

Here is some more information from the importer about the Women’s Cooperative that grew the coffee. This lot is produced by 508 famers who belong to the International Women in Coffee Association (IWCA).

These farmers bring their coffee cherry to the Karehe Washing Station for processing and drying. Our lot is a combination of six day lots that were delivered to the washing station and blended together.

Karehe has historically done well at the Cup of Excellence national competition, submitting coffees that have placed in the top six with average scores totaling 88+ points. In 2011, IWCA opened a chapter in Burundi.

IWCA is an organization that focuses on empowering women in coffee producing countries and has 19 chapters around the world. The Burundi chapter’s mission is to improve “women’s skills through training and information to enhance their role in Burundian society...and in the coffee sector.”

The chapter pays premiums to members and has increased the visibility of farmer members to buyers. In addition, members have participated in food security projects and received coffee roasting equipment donated by our partner at origin.

Farmers have relied on coffee production as a way to rebuild the country after decades of civil war and genocide that occurred in the 1970s and 1990s. Coffee is the #1 export for the country and its exportation has a major impact on the country’s economic viability.

Cupping Notes
Bright red fruit, juicy, creamy

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