Orens Daily Roast Orens Daily Roast

"An all-around caffeine winner, top notch coffee; its solid blends make for a wonderful cup."
- Zagat 2012/13,
with an outstanding 24 rating.

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Shop Espresso & Dark Roast Coffees
Our espressos are created to give a long sweet flavor without the bitterness of other coffees. And our dark roasts are not too dark, so we do not give you a charred flavor.

Espresso & Dark Roast Coffees per lb.
Beowulf Espresso Blend      
Our espresso blend. Crisp, sweet, full bodied.
$ 16.49
French Roast      
Intense, full-bodied, fragrant, bittersweet.
$ 15.99
Italian Roast      
Our darkest roast. Medium-full bodied, bittersweet.
$ 16.99
Viennese Roast      
Lightest of dark roasts. Smooth with a hint of bittersweet.
$ 16.99

I have ordered these coffees from those with the most, or fullest bodied to those with slightly less body. So those lower on the list are not necessarily light in body, simply less full than those above. Enjoy.

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