Orens Daily Roast Orens Daily Roast

"An all-around caffeine winner, top notch coffee; its solid blends make for a wonderful cup."
- Zagat 2012/13,
with an outstanding 24 rating.

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Shop Single Origin Coffees
Single Origin Coffees are the coffee world’s equivalent to Estate Bottled Wine – they can be truly exceptional coffees good enough to be enjoyed straight and unblended. My many years of cupping and purchasing experience enable us to provide you with the absolute best of the best.

The Americas per lb.
Colombia Guatica      
Bright and balanced, with a smooth and clean finish.
$ 14.99
La Minita™ Costa Rica      
Full body with a round, sweet finish.
$ 16.99
Guatemala Coban      
Sweet, with some peach and honeysuckle.
$ 16.99
Guatemala Antigua      
Sweet, juicy, with a hint of candied orange.
$ 17.99
Brazil Cerrado Daterra Estate      
Slightly spicy. Medium body, mild acidity.
$ 15.99
Indonesia & South Pacific per lb.
Sumatra Mandheling      
The most full bodied coffee in the world.
$ 14.99
Africa & Arabia per lb.
Uganda Bugisu      
Sweet and Fruity. Raisin and chocolate notes.
$ 17.49
Burundi Twese Twote Rimbere      
Strong forward sweetness & light clean finish.
$ 17.99
Ethiopia Sidamo      
Light fruity fragrance, complex syrupy body.
$ 16.99
Kenya Lenana AB      
A typically winey kenya, with a bright finish.
$ 16.99
Tanzania Peaberry      
Sweet citrusy fragrance. Medium body. Clear acidity.
$ 16.99
Ethiopia Yrgacheffe      
Yrgacheffe is renowned for its distinct lemony character.
$ 16.99
Rarities per lb.
Jamaica Blue Mountain      
Perfectly balanced. Smooth, nutty flavor. Do not be fooled by sound alikes.
$ 59.99

I have ordered the coffees in each category from those with the most, or fullest bodied to those with slightly less body. So those lower on the list are not necessarily light in body, simply less full than those above. Enjoy.


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