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The Americas per lb.
Colombia El Tambo      
Highly aromatic, full body, caramel sweetness.
$ 16.99
La Minita™ Costa Rica      
Full body with a round, sweet finish.
$ 19.99
Guatemala Antigua      
Light fruity aroma, medium body, ripe plum, nicely balanced.
$ 18.99
Indonesia & South Pacific per lb.
Sulawesi Toraja      
From the island formerly known as Celebes.
$ 17.49
Sumatra Mandheling      
The most full bodied coffee in the world.
$ 16.99
Africa & Arabia per lb.
Burundi Kayanza      
A classic sweet and fruity coffee.
$ 18.99
Kenya Lenana AB      
A typically winey kenya, with a bright finish.
$ 17.99
Tanzania Peaberry      
Notes of red berry & lime preserve, with a touch of cocoa.
$ 16.99
Ethiopia Longberry Harrar      
Delightfully full-bodied and sweet.
$ 18.99
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe      
Yirgacheffe is renowned for its distinct lemony character.
$ 18.99


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