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We've recently made a change to our decaf offerings. To read a note from Oren regarding the changes, please click here.

Euro-Process Decafs per lb.
Sumatra - European Decaf       $ 16.99
SWP Decafs per lb.
Colombia - SWP Decaf       $ 17.49
Oren's Special Blend® - SWP Decaf       $ 17.99
French Roast - SWP Decaf       $ 17.99
Beowulf Blend - SWP Decaf       $ 17.99
Sumatra - SWP Decaf       $ 18.49

European Preparation decaffeination is a direct contact method which uses water and a FDA approved solvent to remove the caffeine. Swiss Water Process decaffeination is chemical free, using only pure water and activated carbon filters.