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All Coffees per lb.
Holiday Sampler 2017      
Taste three of our favorite coffees!
$ 40.95
The Americas per lb.
A classic Colombian coffee.
$ 16.99
Guatemala el Socorro      
An unusually large bean, equally large in flavor
$ 19.99
La Minita™ Costa Rica      
Full body with a round, sweet finish.
$ 19.99
Indonesia & South Pacific per lb.
Sumatra Mandheling      
The most full bodied coffee in the world.
$ 16.99
Papua New Guinea Sigri AA      
A smooth, well-balanced coffee.
$ 17.99
Africa & Arabia per lb.
Uganda Kapchorwa      
Plum, Caramel, Golden Raisins
$ 16.99
Ethiopia Sidamo      
Huge fruity aroma, strawberry, grape.
$ 18.99
Kenya Lenana AB      
Plum, red wine, and a bright finish.
$ 16.99
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe      
Yirgacheffe is renowned for its distinct lemony character.
$ 16.99
Espresso Blends and Dark Roasts per lb.
Beowulf Espresso Blend      
Our espresso blend. Crisp, sweet, full bodied.
$ 17.50
French Roast      
Intense, full-bodied, fragrant, bittersweet.
$ 16.99
Italian Roast      
Our darkest roast. Medium-full bodied, bittersweet.
$ 17.99
Blends per lb.
Holiday Blend 2017      
Our Costa Rica, Colombian, Ugandan and Kenyan coffees combine for a complex holiday treat.
$ 17.25
Oren's Special Blend®      
Sweet, full-bodied & smooth. Some dark-roast flavor .
$ 16.99
City Blend      
Our lightest roast. Medium body, Smooth finish.
$ 17.29
Nelvis Blend      
A spicier, lighter version of OSB.
$ 17.99
Penelope's Blend      
Named after the ancient Greek character in the Illiad and the Odyssey.
$ 18.49
NYC Blend      
A tough resilient blend. Full body and subtly sweet, w/ huge aroma.
$ 17.25
Blends. per lb.
Mocha Java Style Blend      
Spicy & sweet, yet round and smooth.
$ 17.99
Viennese Blend      
A blend of Colombia & French-roasted Colombia.
$ 16.99
Turkish Blend      
Overriding spiciness with a bittersweet balance.
$ 17.99
SWP Decafs per lb.
Colombia - SWP Decaf       $ 17.49
Oren's Special Blend® - SWP Decaf       $ 17.99
French Roast - SWP Decaf       $ 17.99
Beowulf Blend - SWP Decaf       $ 17.99
Sumatra - SWP Decaf       $ 18.49
Flavors per lb.
Our own special Colombia with cracked cinnamon.
$ 17.79
SWP Decaf Flavors per lb.
Cinnamon - SWP Decaf      
SWP Decaf Colombian coffee with cracked cinnamon.
$ 18.79