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Our blends are different because instead of using ‘neutrals’ or ‘blenders’ we use the same top quality single origin coffees in our blends as we offer straight. Maybe we should coin the oxymoron “single origin blends.”

Blends per lb.
BC Blend (Brazil & Colombia)      
Half Brazil and half Colombia blend.
$ 17.19
Oren's Special Blend®      
Sweet, full-bodied & smooth. Some dark-roast flavor .
$ 16.99
Mocha Java Style Blend      
Spicy & sweet, yet round and smooth.
$ 17.99
Viennese Blend      
A blend of Colombia & French-roasted Colombia.
$ 16.99
Beowulf Espresso Blend      
Our espresso blend. Crisp, sweet, full bodied.
$ 17.49
Blends per lb.
Penelope's Blend      
Named after the ancient Greek character in the Illiad and the Odyssey.
$ 18.49
Turkish Blend      
Overriding spiciness with a bittersweet balance.
$ 17.99
Nelvis Blend      
A spicier, lighter version of OSB.
$ 17.99
City Blend      
Our lightest roast. Medium body, Smooth finish.
$ 17.29

I have ordered these blends from those with the most, or fullest bodied to those with slightly less body. So those lower on the list are not necessarily light in body, simply less full than those above. Enjoy.

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