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Oren's Daily Roast has been New York's premier coffee roaster since 1986, providing our customers with the finest specialty coffees.

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Recently, the vanilla and hazelnut flavorings we used were discontinued by the manufacturer. I tested the replacement formulas, but the only thing it convinced me of was that our old flavors really were the best. The new flavorings are not good enough, and alternative suppliers are also unacceptable.

Since there are no vanilla or hazelnut flavorings currently available that meet our high standards, we are discontinuing them. The only flavored coffee we will offer is cinnamon, which is still blended with real cinnamon.

I know many of you will be disappointed by this decision, but I hope that you can understand that I will not put my name on something and sell it to you unless I can stand behind it and guarantee it is the best.


Flavors per lb.
Our own special Colombia with cracked cinnamon.
$ 17.79
SWP Decaf Flavors per lb.
Cinnamon - SWP Decaf      
SWP Decaf Colombian coffee with cracked cinnamon.
$ 18.79