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"An all-around caffeine winner, top notch coffee; its solid blends make for a wonderful cup."
- Zagat 2012/13,
with an outstanding 24 rating.

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Single Origin Coffees : Sumatra Mandheling
Product # 10

Price: $ 14.99 /lb.


Grown near the Northern Aceh, Oren's Sumatra is low in acidity and takes on the earthiness of its surroundings; incredibly smooth. Sumatra is the world's most full-bodied coffee. We have been purchasing Sumatran coffee since we opened and the coffee from our current Sumatra producer is the best , cleanest, sweetest Sumatra around. Our current exporter shares our devotion to quality and we’re working them with to continue to develop and source the highest quality Sumatran coffees.

Cupping Notes
Thick, syrupy; smooth and intensely full-bodied. Hint of earthiness

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