Coffee Voyager Club : 6 Month Voyager Club
Product # 425

Price: $ 229.00


Two Full Pounds delivered to your door every month for six months.

Have our roaster fresh, world class quality coffee delivered directly to you monthly. We will send our renowned Oren’s Special Blend along with a second pound of another coffee each month. Each month, we will review our selection and only send a coffee that we feel is at its peak at that time. It may be a Kenya in July or a dry prep Ethiopia in December—but whatever it is, we pledge to you that it will be a truly great example of that particular varietal and especially chosen for it’s quality at that time of year. So rather than give you a schedule of coffees that may or may not be available in the quality that we want, we pledge the quality in the coffee you will get will be the highest for your schedule. This is just a long way of saying that we will only send you the best coffee in your order and you can rely on us for that.

And as a special bonus (as if the coffee weren’t enough!), with the purchase of each subscription there is a gift from us to you! With the 6 month Coffee Voyager you receive, on your first order, you receive one Oren’s frosted glass logo mug and one 14 oz Oren's logo travel tumbler. In addition, shipping is included within the contiguous USA! All this for only $229 - an estimated value of at least $275

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