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"An all-around caffeine winner, top notch coffee; its solid blends make for a wonderful cup."
- Zagat 2012/13,
with an outstanding 24 rating.

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Coffee Sampler Gifts : Oren's Blends Sampler
Product # 632

Price: $ 33.50


Get about 20 servings of each of four of our top blends!

  • Oren's Daily Roast - Our House Blend has a unique sweetness that is enhanced by its full body. The cup is complex, yet smooth. Intriguing. Full of flavor subtleties such that people come to enjoy this coffee more each time. 1/3 Colombia; 1/3 Sumatra Mandheling; 1/3 French Roast Colombia.

  • Mocha Java Blend - Mocha Java is one the world's most popular blends; Originally, this historical blend combines Mocha coffee from the Arabian Peninsula and Java coffee from Indonesia. Our Mocha Java Style Blend seeks to produce the same flavors without the more expensive component of Mocha coffee. This season it contains: 1/2 Ethiopia Sidamo and 1/2 Papua New Guinea

  • NYC Blend - A tough resilient blend. A combination of beans that come from three vastly different regions of the world, this brew- like New York City - has many diverse aspects: a huge aroma, yet a cup that is full-bodied, while at the same time ever so sweet, 1/4 Papua New Guinea; 1/4 Ethiopia Yrgacheffe; 1/2 Colombia Specialty Grade.

  • Canterbury - The Canterbury Blend is blended to be a mild, smooth coffee. It is complex, allowing each of the four varietals to step forward. A unique experience, similar to an intriguingly blended wine. It contains equal parts of: 1/4 Colombia Specialty Grade, La Minita Costa Rica, Ethiopia Yrgacheffe, & Guatemala Antigua.

  • Comes packed in Oren's Flying Man Log box.

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