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Single Origin Coffees : Guatemala Antigua
Product # 97

Price: $ 18.99 /lb.


We have had coffee from la Joya for the past two years. The farm is managed by Pedro Echeverría and many of our past Antigua coffees came from farms he operates including his personal farm Capetillo.

In some ways, we buy this coffee like we do our Colombian coffee--we evaluate many small samples to put together our lot. In Antigua instead of samples from several dozen small farmers, the samples are all from a single large estate. We taste dozens of coffees harvested from different parts of the farm, and from different varietals.

This year, the coffees we scored the highest were all 100% Bourbon varietal! Bourbon is the original varietal brought to Latin America in the 1700s and produces sweet, floral coffee.

Look for a light fruity aroma, round and juicy acidity, and notes of ripe plum and honey, resulting in a wonderfully balanced cup.

Cupping Notes
Light fruity aroma, medium body, ripe plum, nicely balanced.

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